Non-invasive medical technologies are intended to deliver at least the same level of clinical efficiency as traditional invasive techniques without some of the downfalls in terms of quality of life for the patient. The clinical experience gathered for more than 15 years, shows that HIFU fits perfectly in this category with an excellent risk/benefit ratio:

  • Efficiency : the literature published since 2000 – year of Ablatherm® HIFU CE marking – shows reproducible and consistent results with long term survival results comparable to the standard treatment of Prostate Cancer
  • Salvage HIFU shows promising local control with 80% negative biopsies combined with good specific survival rate at 5 years: 78% and 49.5% for low and intermediate-risk patients, respectively.
  • Quality of life: a literature analysis since 2000 demonstrates that HIFU is an excellent tool for preserving quality of life with low morbidity and few side effects.