Benefits of HIFU
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Benefits generally include the following:

  1. Improved continence
  2. Better rates of erectile function
  3. Minimal blood loss
  4. No radiation exposure, thus the tissues and cells around the gland will not be harmed. This should help the patient have a better chance of maintaining his erectile function.
  5. The procedure can be used as a salvage treatment if prostate cancer returns or other treatment options do not work.
  6. Patients can pursue other treatments after HIFU if needed. As opposed to a treatment like radiation, HIFU does not preclude prostatectomy.


Using the Ablatherm device, there is real-time 3-dimensional imaging so the HIFU physician can see the prostate clearly and monitor the process of ablation throughout the treatment. Also, because these images allow the physician to deliver the treatment to the prostate so precisely, there is rarely damage to the surrounding tissues. These images are used along with dynamic power adjustment, allowing the HIFU physician to change the level of power as the treatment progresses. With this ability, no patient is given too much or too little treatment.